👋 my name is Nick Linck

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I'm on a mission to move more people up Maslow's Hierarchy ⚡️
This site shows a few of the things I've worked on over the years!


: behavioral psychology & promoting human flourishing 🫶
‍Building: LiveTheResidency.com 🚀

Life Thoughts

An instagram account where I share some life philosophies I have had over the years.

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On Measuring Intelligence

A presentation I put together on how we should actually measure intelligent systems.

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A new idea for a decentralized education system that can get more people access to the best researchers in the world without wasting the researcher's time.

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Musical Musings

All the time I am finding new songs, these playlists contain the best songs I find. Plus a blog to share a bit about my mood during those months.

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Here you will find a few of the topics I've blogged about over the years.

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How we can use AI to fund a Universal Basic Income.

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